Rosie the Riveter

My life has been mostly taken up with our new car, Rosie O’Donnell, The Ford Taurus Wagon.  She just has so much…character.  She shows us new little quirks every day- like she revs her engine ferociously and acts like the transmission is going out, when we’re only 600 miles into our West Coast journey.  And only after 6 days after buying her! She also likes to turn on her windshield wipers about every 9 seconds for no reason.  I had a little talk with her to let her know we’re relying on her to take us to San Luis Obispo, San Fransisco, Sacramento, Fairfax, Palm Springs, LA, and San Clemente these next couple weeks

posted : Thursday, November 5th, 2009

tags : ford_taurus liz_clark tessa_perry san_luis_obispo san_fransisco sacramento fairfax palm_springs los_angeles san_clemente